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A.B.A. Locksmiths are a locally owned and operated 24 hour emergency locksmith in Newcastle which operates throughout the North East England and Newcastle. We provide a fast 24 hour Emergency Locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers, including door opening, Locks supplied and fitted, Insurance upgrades, Garage door locks, Roller shutter locks etc. We are also Upvc door lock specialists and can replace, repair or adjust all types of locks and mechanisms.

All our work is carried out to a very high standard and is performed promptly, professionally and efficiently. We only use quality branded products supplied at an affordable price. We do not use call centre staff, your calls are taken direct by the senior locksmith and because of this you can be assured of honest advice, accurate prices and low fixed price quotes.

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ABA Locksmiths, 71 Church View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 6PU, 0191 300 1551

Newcastle Locksmith, Newcastle’s, Newcastle locksmiths

ABA Locksmiths, 71 Church View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 6PU, 0191 300 1551

One of the most common emergencies that could happen to anyone is being locked out from your vehicle, office, store or home because of failure in car locking system, a damaged office key or a misplaced home key. You should have an emergency service provider on your speed dial whenever you are faced with a locksmith emergency of any nature. It gives relief from the stress of having to face the emergency situation on your own. People who have found themselves in one emergency lock and key situation or the other could also attest to the fact that having an emergency services in Newcastle (Don’t forget we also provide our services in Wallsend)on call is the best way to get one’s self out of any emergency circumstance. There are just a lot of reasons why you need an locksmith Newcastle service company like locksmith Newcastle; however here are some of the key benefits of an Newcastle locksmith services:

We have the experience and skills.

Aside from being designed to protect your homes and businesses, the most comprehensive high grade security systems in Newcastle are naturally expected to deter intruders, burglars and petty thieves from breaking through your home or offices. By driving car that has a complex automobile locking system in Newcastle; chances are that such car locking systems can simply malfunction and lock you out of your vehicle at any given time. Having the regular services of an experienced and skilled Newcastle locksmith service company is a great way to ensure that whenever such bad scenarios occur, you can easily get your lock and key problem taken care of by a professional locksmith. We have a standby team of experienced and professional emergency locksmith technicians ready to respond to your emergency at any time whether day or night, here in Newcastle.

We provide round-the-clock Newcastle emergency services.

In our line of work we know for a fact that locksmiths emergencies can come up very unexpectedly here in Newcastle. One of the benefits of an locksmith is that it grants you unrestricted access to reliable and competent locksmiths 24/7. No matter what time of the day the emergency occurs, you will always find our locksmith technicians available to provide you with whatever locksmith help that you might need.

We are your ideal locksmith solutions.

Another benefit of an locksmith is that the right solutions will be applied to any lock and key emergency you might be facing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a residential, commercial or automobile lock problem; our licensed, certified and legally bonded expert technicians can provide you with the perfect solutions to your home, office or automobile lock problems at low cost and affordable prices.

We give timely response to emergency situations.

Emergencies need swift and effective solutions in order to get the victim out of a locked out situation. Retaining the services of an locksmith enables you the opportunity of getting your lock and key problems resolved at a swift and efficient manner, without causing any further damage to your property. We have built a solid reputation for having the quickest response and turnaround times in the industry because we know the importance of being there for our clients.

Keeping in mind that emergencies can occur unexpectedly and at anytime of the day, having complete access to a 24/7 emergency service is one of the most important things you need to know when it comes to the security of your home, office, or automobile. Call ABA today if you are in need of our first class emergency service in Newcastle.

ABA Locksmiths, 71 Church View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 6PU, 0191 300 1551

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Newcastle Locksmith

Working as a Locksmith Newcastle requires complete commitment to providing customized solutions for the complex customer requirements. It needs continues improvement in skills, technology, tools, and the methods of locksmith services. We have certified locksmiths with experience and specialization on the trade. Continuous technical training keeps us prepared to handle every emergency situation of our customers efficiently and effectively.

We have a thorough understanding of the construction and design that goes to make the locks and keys. We can cover your residential and commercial locksmith needs. Our experts can handle doors, windows, automobiles, safes and storage, and every frame that has lock and key.

Developments in the security systems have transformed the old mechanical locks into electronic based systems supported by digital controls. But the basic structure still works on the mechanical hardware. The construction and working mechanism have become more complex than ever before. With our technology and tools, we can handle them.

What makes us the most specialized Locksmith Newcastle is the practicality of our approach. We have sound product knowledge of every lock and key brand. We know exactly what is wrong with the lock and key, on our first diagnosis. We provide the instant solution that works. Our first aim is to allow access to the spaces (home, automobile, locker, etc) by opening the damaged locking mechanism.

Our next step is to repair or replace the lock and key to the standard working condition. Then we can restore the original security settings. Your space gets protection from trespassing and other security risks.

As the leading locksmith Newcastle, we can identify the high, medium, and minimum security requirements in your home. We work in conformance with the BSI security and quality standards of locksmith services. We have the license and authority to work as certified locksmiths in Newcastle. All our locksmiths have the security clearance from the law enforcement authorities.

Industry-specific training enables us to handle multiple locksmith tasks for your home and commercial needs. It includes lock installation, unlocking, key-cutting, master-key making, component replacement, password management, and more. We can handle CCTV, alarms, sensors, and other high-end security systems.

Multipoint locking systems can enhance the security for the external doors and windows in your living and working spaces. Deadbolts, latch bolts, roller cam, and hooks are some of the advanced locking mechanisms used here. A jammed or damaged lock can be highly complex to unlock. Bypassing multipoint mechanism takes specialization and experience.

Being the top rated locksmith Newcastle, we have the complete understanding of the design and working mechanism of such systems. We can repair/replace and restore the working condition within a short time. We can also upgrade your existing locks to the most advanced security multipoint locking system.

Dealing with an emergency lockout can be a frustrating experience, especially with your car in a remote place. Our emergency locksmiths can reach you anywhere in and around Newcastle at any time. Call us and we will be there with the latest tools and technology to help you.

Car door lock mechanism varies for every brand and model. It could be manual, automatic, remote, digital, and others. We have the tools for unlocking the most complex systems without causing any damages to the doors or the other interior parts. We can extract broken keys, make a master key, and also repair/replace the lock instantly.

Repair and replacement of car ignition lock and key are one of our specialization services. We can handle the manual and automated systems that work with responders. We have the expertise to work with handle the most advanced chips (EX: MEGAMOS) in the ignition locking systems.

Inbuilt firmware and software programs can become corrupt in the ignition key chips. The result is a locked out ignition which you can’t operate. Trying the shortcut method can lead to security risks. The only way is to disconnect the system from the program for ignition start. Then a new program has to be fed into the system and the lock restored to working condition.

At Locksmith Newcastle, we have the most advanced tools to repair and replace the car ignition locks and keys. We can handle all brands and models of automobiles from the cars to the LMV, and HMV category vehicles.

Our locksmith services for the safes and lockers in your home are highly specialized. Our expert locksmiths have the experience of working with mechanical and digital locks. We can handle coin-lockers, cam locks, combination, radial, padlocks, etc. We can also handle the keyless and remote systems which have sensors and alarms.

Installation of antitheft and anti-hijacking locks for your home is one of our specialized services. Our experts can deliver the most trusted locks from the British and global brands. We can manage the services of installation, configuration, and customization according to your specific needs.

Upgrade of your existing mechanical locks into combinational systems can enhance the security factors. We can analyze the doors, windows, ventilators, and other possible points of intrusion in your home. We can also assess the risk of intrusion and burglary in your surroundings based on our experience. We can install the most secure locking systems for your home‘s external and internal doors and windows.

Digitization of the locks and installation of sensors and alarms is a complex process, which takes expertise and experience. At Locksmith Newcastle, we have specialist locksmiths to handle all your security needs at an affordable budget.

Our costs are the most competitive you can find in Newcastle. We provide you with the best quality on-time services every time you call us. You can contact us through our customer care helpdesk and the emergency service numbers. We welcome you to visit our website and post your requests. You can also contact us through email and online chat. Contact us today.

Do share the information about our Locksmith Newcastle services with your friends and social media contacts. It helps in ensuring their round the clock safety and security from trespassers, burglars, and thieves.

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